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The Upper Pawside Turns One! An Honest Dog Blog with Honest Opinions

Jan 8

From bringing home a pup, to potty training, nutrition, health issues, and more, the Upper Pawside dog blog has pawrents hooked since 1 year with its honest opinions. 


And the coming year has lots in store for our ardent supporters and pet lovers. Stay tuned for a surprise announcement.  

Los Angeles, January 4, 2023 - At the Upper Pawside, it’s all about pets, dogs to be specific. The aim – to ensure pet pawrents don’t have a ruff time when it comes to parenting a four-legged kid. The past year has been one fun ride and they’re overwhelmed with all the support from pet parents everywhere. 

And they’d love to say, “Thank You”!


Little did they know when they started out that they would be swamped with a lot of love and licks along the way. 


The brand may not be the biggest (in terms of brand), or the largest (in terms of reach), yet!


But they are HONEST! About the issues that plague, concerns that worry, the callousness that exasperates, and anecdotes that delight them and their readers.


Most of all, they are mutts about their pets. 


Because according to the team at the Upper Pawside, being a pet parent is all that and more — the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. 


They set out to be the voice of pet parents – answering questions or addressing concerns about our pets — answers and solutions they looked for, too, at some point. 


“I remember spending hours online for pet-related information when I first brought Cofi home. There was a ton of information out there, but it was all scattered. That’s how the idea for TUP was born — a one-stop shop for all deets dogs.” says Paul Andrews, founder and pet parent. 


From bringing home a pup, to potty training, nutrition, health issues, and more, they address them all. And by the looks of it, they’re not done yet.  


And they are inspired to continue doing what they do, thanks to the love, encouragement, and support from thousands of their readers. 


Because for everyone at the Upper Pawside, love is a four-legged word! 


About The Upper Pawside

TUP, as they are fondly called, is a brand for pet parents by a pet parent. It was founded by Paul Andrews, proud parent to Cofi, a cheeky and incorrigible French Bulldog. The brand aims to touch on all aspects of pethood, including the highs and lows of being a pet parent. From the sloppy kisses to the unending drools, the paw prints on the carpet to dealing with dog hair everywhere, and more, dog lovers will find all the answers they need at the Upper Pawside.